The other essential gesture for soft, fresh skin.
To avoid tight skin and lines around the eyes, take care of them! Protect your skin by moisturising daily, particularly around the eye area to reduce signs of tiredness.

M de Mahler soin hydratant énergisant

Face and eyes.


With panama wood extract.
Smoothes the area around the eyes,
hydrating and protecting skin from the appearance of wrinkles.
Gives your complexion a real boost.
Skin is toned and fortified, with the appearance of bags and dark circles reduced.

Suggested retail price 42,40€ TTC

This product can be used for all men face treatments

For use in addition to:

M de Mahler gel nettoyant tonifiant


Panama bark extract

Extract made from the dried interior bark of the Soapbark tree, from the rosacea family. Originating in South America, the shrub which is also called Panama Wood, is cultivated in the West Indies. THe Panama Wood or Soapbark is rich in saponins (natural soap) and in sugars which give it hydrating properties.

M de Mahler soin hydratant énergisantM de Mahler soin hydratant énergisant



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