Moisturising and exfoliation

Soft, smooth skin, the best asset your body has
In the same way that you care for your face to keep it looking young, radiant and beautiful, taking care of your body is vital. To maintain or rediscover silky, velvety skin, exfoliate regularly and apply a moisturising product at least once a day. Gestures which are simple yet vital to keep your body beautiful.

Baume réparateur

Renewal complex.


With evening primrose oil.
To nourish and soften dry and damaged skin, prevent desquamation and promote cell renewal.
Repaired, the skin is once again soft and supple.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Modelage corps

For use in addition to:

Gommage douceur

Lait de douceur


Evening primrose oil

Oil extracted from evening primrose seeds, a plant with large yellow flowers and downy leaves which grows in temperate regions.
Rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid) and vitamin E.
Renowned for its anti-oxidant, hydrating, softening and anti-ageing properties.

Gommage douceurGommage douceurLait de douceurLait de douceurBaume réparateurBaume réparateurPremium prestige body creamPremium prestige body creamCrème douche exfolianteCrème douche exfoliante

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