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Immerse yourself in a relaxing world of different sensations thanks to the unique textures and delicately perfumed scents of our products. Let go and enjoy this haven of pleasure whilst also caring for your skin.

Gommage sucré d'orient

Gentle body scrub.


With sugar, poppy seeds and rose petals.
Sugar, poppy seeds and ground rose petals are mixed together to give this scrub its gourmet texture which exfoliates the body and rids it of dead skin cells.
Its oriental vegetable oil (neem, sesame and boswellia serrata) complex softens skin, leaving it with a silky soft, creamy texture.
Your skin looks gorgeous and is delicately perfumed with notes of honey, almond and orange blossom.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Plaisir d'orient

For use in addition to:

Huile satin d'orient


Poppy seeds

Gentle, natural exfoliant.

Gommage sucré d'orient Gommage sucré d'orient Huile satin d'orientHuile satin d'orient



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