Targeted treatment

Pampering for your whole body!
Your body needs tailored treatments, particularly in very sensitive areas. To keep your skin healthy, use targeted products complemented by regular treatments.

Crème mains Confort et Protection


Hand and nail nourishing cream


With shorea butter and sweet almond oil
It softens and protects the skin and prevents skin ageing.

This product can be used for all manicures

For use in addition to:

Baume réparateur

Lait de douceur


Shea butter

Originating in Southern Asia, the Shala tree- Shorea Robusta- from which the butter is extracted, is a tree which features in great legends and is sacred, appearing in many fundamental Buddhist texts. It is also said that Buddha was born under a branch of this tree and that he also passed away there.
Shala tree shoot in its wild state. By pressing the seeds of this fruit, you get shea butter, which is traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine. It is also very prized in cosmetics for its emollient properties. It melts very quickly in contact with the skin and is the favourite ingredient if you want a melting, gliding texture, which rapidly soaks into the skin, leaving it dry.

Vitrafibrine bustVitrafibrine bustCrème mains Confort et ProtectionCrème mains Confort et ProtectionEpil+Epil+Jamb' tonic Jamb' tonic

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