Targeted treatment

Pampering for your whole body!
Your body needs tailored treatments, particularly in very sensitive areas. To keep your skin healthy, use targeted products complemented by regular treatments.


Soothing post hair-removal treatment.

With chaparral and kelp extract.
It acts to prevent hair regrowth and softens the skin after hair removal.
Hair-free legs stay hydrated and clearer for longer.

This product can be applied after any hair-removal

For use in addition to:

Gommage douceur

Lait de douceur


Chaparral extract

Chaparral is a type of maquis formed by bushes and undergrowth (shrubs) which are found in California and Mexico, in climate conditions similar to those in the Mediterranean. It is a vegetable extract which has an anti-regrowth action- decrease in the growth, amount and density of hair.

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