Targeted treatment

Pampering for your whole body!
Your body needs tailored treatments, particularly in very sensitive areas. To keep your skin healthy, use targeted products complemented by regular treatments.

Jamb' tonic

Cooling gel with draining and diffusing agents.


With extracts of arnica, camphor and Seville orange.
Stimulates drainage and relieves the sensation of heavy legs.
Legs feel refreshed and light.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:


For use in addition to:

Huile satin d'orient


Pine buds

Scots pine shoots in Le Midi in France. It is characterised by its pink bark, small cones, short needles and strong scent due to the essential oil it contains.
The bud, which is mainly composed of resin, flavanoids and amino acids, is used for its refreshing, fatigue fighting and toning (it stimulates micro circulation) properties

Vitrafibrine bustVitrafibrine bustCrème mains Confort et ProtectionCrème mains Confort et ProtectionEpil+Epil+Jamb' tonic Jamb' tonic

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