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Use of stock space by Simone Mahler franchises and Liability

SIMONE MAHLER makes a stock space (hereafter The Page) available to its franchises, so that they can introduce their clinic. The franchise is entirely responsible for the content published on the page.
SIMONE MAHLER, can not be held responsible for the content released on this Page. If the activity or content presented on this Page are illegal, SIMONE MAHLER reserves the right to modify, delete or temporarily shut down the Page in question, if it deems this necessary.
As such, we remind you that the Page’s contents should not be illegal, it is specifically forbidden to justify crime against humanity, incite racial hatred, child pornography or violence or to undermine human dignity or to commit a crime as outlined in paragraphs five and eight of article 24 of the law of the 29th July 1881 on the freedom of the press.
Moreover, the franchise must ensure that the Page’s contents are copyright free (imaging rights, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights), or in the case that a piece of information, an image or a photograph is protected by any type of copyright, they must obtain the permission to use the protected information.
Finally, the franchise cannot insert advertising banners other than those added by SIMONE MAHLER.

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These terms and conditions of access to the site and use of it are assumed to have been accepted without reserve by any visitor who accesses the site after this has been published online.
We wish to inform you that the current terms and conditions can be modified at any time. These modifications will be published online and will be judged to be accepted by the same process as described above.

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