Deep wrinkles

When skin becomes less radiant and wrinkles start to appear, choose the appropriate product from these to help you reduce and prevent the effects of time.

EGF-RepairliftTM Crème

Anti-wrinkles cream.

With matrikines, myrtle extracts and carob seeds. To visibly smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate and protect the skin from signs of ageing, and wrinkles in particular. Day after day, facial features seem lifted and wrinkles reduced. The skin regains a more youthful appearance.

Available in eco-refill


myrtle extract

A small mediterranean tree, myrtle extract had in Antiquity, the reputation of bringing back freshness and youth into the skin. True cellular regenerator and keeper of the tissues longevity, it is known for limitating the skin tissues degeneration and erase the first signs of ageing. It allows to wake up the cellular metabolism, to cope the skin’s deficiencies and build again its cellular capital.

EGF-RepairliftTM SérumEGF-Repairlift<sup>TM</sup> SérumEGF-RepairliftTM CrèmeEGF-Repairlift<sup>TM</sup> Crème



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