Moisturising and exfoliation

Soft, smooth skin, the best asset your body has
In the same way that you care for your face to keep it looking young, radiant and beautiful, taking care of your body is vital. To maintain or rediscover silky, velvety skin, exfoliate regularly and apply a moisturising product at least once a day. Gestures which are simple yet vital to keep your body beautiful.

Crème douche exfoliante

Refreshing, invigorating shower

With pine seed powder and guarana and ivy extracts. Gently cleanses and eliminates dead cells, boosting the efficiency of care products.
Its active ingredients make it the perfect shower product to use before applying slimming products.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Escapade Bordelaise

Modelage corps

For use in addition to:

Lait de douceur

Gommage douceurGommage douceurLait de douceurLait de douceurBaume réparateurBaume réparateurPremium prestige body creamPremium prestige body creamCrème douche exfolianteCrème douche exfoliante

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