Apply toner to finish your make-up removal routine and neutralise the damaging effects of water.

Blanc lotion

Lotion with brightening active ingredients
(stabilised vitamin C and papaya and lemon extracts).

To cleanse skin of melanin rich dead skin cells.
Its very gentle formula finishes make-up removal and tones the skin. Your complexion looks fresh, radiant and clear.

As a complement of the beauty salon treatment:

Solution Clarté et taches

For use in addition to:

Blanc gel


Stabilised vitamin C

A vitamin C derivative which inhibits tyrosinase (the key enzyme in melanogenesis which controls pigmentation). Delays and prevents the appearance of age blemishes and sunspots.

Tonic bleuTonic bleuTonic roseTonic roseTonic mauve Tonic mauve Blanc lotionBlanc lotion

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