Quality charter


  1. HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS : a truly professional derma-cosmetics and well-being clinic, we invite you to enjoy the best conditions (fresh linen, sterilised equipment, clean and tidy, calm atmosphere…).

  2. COMFORT AND CALM : we take care of your every need for perfect relaxation (cubicle space, calm atmosphere…).

  3. WE LISTEN CAREFULLY AND GIVE PERSONALISED TREATMENT: warm welcome, constant monitoring during the treatment, after-sales advice and help.

  4. REGULAR,THOROUGH SKIN ANALYSIS to check its properties and work out the most appropriate treatment for you, both in the clinic and at home.

  5. BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION: we work together to ensure that your treatment is monitored as closely as possible at home for optimal beauty results.

  6. SIMONE MAHLER AESTHETIC EXPERTISE: our beauticians, who possess national diplomas, use the professional techniques acquired during their specific Simone MAHLER training, which is constantly refreshed.

  7. OPTIMUM SAFETY OF USE: our products are subject to systematic sensitivity and safety tests by an independent body. Our business also complies with the European Directive for cosmetic products and the ISO 9001 international quality standard.

  8. EFFECTIVENESS OF PRODUCTS AND TREATMENTS on your skin or figure, thanks to the concentration and variety of our active ingredients and the quality of our treatment methods.

  9. CUSTOMER ADVANTAGES / PRIVILEGES: loyalty card, birthday present, discount vouchers, regular promotional gifts, new products and body and facial treatments.


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